Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quiz 7 - Saturday Feb 28th @ 2.45pm in Wean 5409 (or 5310)

Quiz 7 of Season 1 ...

By -- Gaurav and Harsha
At -- 2.45pm
In -- Wean Hall 5409 (or 5310) on CMU campus

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  1. http://geolor.com/The_Day_After_Tomorrow_Movie.htm

    Vyas was right about the direction of cyclones :)

    See section on "Super Cell Hurricanes in the Movie"

    "Another significant scientific error can be seen on the radar screens showing these Super Cells. In the Northern Hemisphere, cyclonic storms rotate counter-clockwise due to the Coriolis Effect caused by Earth's rotation. Yet, several times in the film the cyclones are shown moving clockwise."