Sunday, February 22, 2009

Upcoming Quizzes

Have we reached any consensus on when the next quiz is? I dont think we should have one around the IGSA holi event, its a pretty hectic weekend anyway...and then theres spring break..we could have the drinking game styled quiz then :)
I have a half quiz ready,I should be able to do it anytime we have the next quiz...
somehow the posts to keshav's last post were disabled so i started this new one..


  1. I'm fine with a quiz's pranav I think we just need to fix the right time. Maybe in the Holi week we should have one on Saturday if not Friday. Not sure about spring break, but think we can squeeze in just before spring break unless people will be missing

    My full quiz is ready..42 questions..the whole nine yards, and I'm ready to hold it any time.


  2. Ok, let me rephrase ready to hold it as soon as Possible..otherwise I'm liable to start talking to people and blabbing.

  3. Yes..I think Thursday March 5th is great as it doesn't interfere with the long weekend plans of people..During the next quiz we can confirm the timing.

    Also Swapnil you have to arrange bhaang for the drinking quiz if you plan to keep it around Holi !

  4. Sounds good..basically think we have enough quizzes to have one every week so we should try to keep that going by switching to Saturday's or Thursday's whenever needed.