Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quiz 4 Report -- "T20 of the season"

Yet another high scoring quiz -- ~90% answering rate. It felt like a cricket twenty-twenty match: every question was being slogged out of the field; in fact, it took about 10-12 questions (one-third of the quiz) before a question went unanswered. Lots of Wikipedia-ing (time to make it verb in the quizzing wold); cut-paste made the questions so long that the QM didn't see the answer embedded in one question. The "ipod" long connect was a good one -- perhaps, the first audio question of the season? Overall, a fun quiz setup by Vyas in a one week notice -- most people said that the room was packed, noisy and too many people were in an "excited state"!

Quiz Teams (and standings):

Ayan/Harsha/Nishtha +1: It was dark, noisy and this team was too far to hear anything they were saying. Plus, team members were coming and leaving during the quiz, which made it harder to notice what they were up to.

Apurva/Pranay/Vinay: Came up with a great answer to a great question (chinese food container) but then they went with some other guess. And of course, they were merrily sledging few other teams for fun and profit :-)

Deepak/Suyash/Varun (third place): Robbed of a fair shot to finish second, but they win the "good samaritan award" for spotting the answer in their own direct question (berserk) that many did not observe. Gave correct, but insufficient answers (the guy who bends spoons whose name they forgot) that didn't fetch any points :-|

Ayshwarya/Ankit +2: Neat trivia answers from this team (like the all the names in the Crick-Watson question, and one more that i forgot).

Keshav/Murali/Pranjal (first place): Considering the high answer rate, they often got lucky with a bunch of sitters. And they did a psych profile on the QM (using their know-how of QMs likes/dislikes) to answer a few ;-). Keshav gets his third consecutive win to start the season.

Hetu/Srinivas/Swapnil +2 (second place): Surprisingly this team finished second -- got lucky with the on-demand tie-breaking rule. They had no clue about some sitters (like Simpsons) and some team members had to be convinced that the female in the picture is Angelina Jolie!

League standings are up at

Next week: Pranav's quiz. The rate at which we are going, I won't be shocked to see a 90% or more answering rate. Some folks think that high answering rate deteriorates the quiz to who gets lucky with easy questions (and team positions). Of course, some folks like the Twenty-Twenty format. With that, I open the floor for bricks and bats :-)


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  3. Don't think the quiz was diluted by a few easy questions.Overall it was a great quiz by vyas and apurva's too before that.There is an element of luck in what questions directly comes to a team.However, since all questions except for a few like the Chinese container, the bending spoon guy and the smuggling of code on a t shirt were answerable by any team, in such quizzes it becomes important to know all answers...and not just the ones that don't come to you. Plus the long connects remove the luck factor as they are open to all and account for 4-6 points. It always becomes necessary to get the long cons in order to win the quiz.

    But i don't see the 20-20 format as a trend..Think we'll return to around 80% or so with Pranav's and all quizzes after that...

  4. Hey Keshav, what were your other 2 posts that were deleted :)

    This week, expect more audio and a mix of well researched and ad hoc questions ! Also expect handouts at the beginning of the quiz !

    Be there or be square.

  5. Earlier two posts said pretty much the same thing..cept they had some redundancy and didn't read too well (grammatically) I deleted them.