Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quiz 5 - Friday Feb 13th @ 5.30pm in Wean 5403 (or 5409)

Quiz 5 of Season 1 ...

By -- Pranav
At -- 5.30pm (**early start**)
In -- Wean Hall 5403 or 5409 (CMU campus)


  1. Statistics from my quiz :

    10 questions went completely unanswered from a total of 36 questions yielding an answer rate of 72.22% :) .

    Metaphorically it was akin to a test match and I had a lot of fun (and time invested) in setting this one. Most answers were workable including the 'Shakti' one :)

    Due apologies to team 3 for blurting 1 answer out. Also Swapnil believe me, I have no personal vendetta against you :-) (Please keep that in mind when you write the blog post :):)

  2. Hey

    Nice stats..ensured that the high 20-20 scoring trend came to an abrupt end (I only think it started since both Apurva and Vyaas wanted to upset Swapnil's formula), otherwise we would have had some doozies from them too (like Vyass' code being smuggled on a shirt funda).

    Loved the Man with no name connect and the Republic Days Guests..especially since both were workable and since our team didn't get any of the connects and would have been good to get at least 2. Shakti and Buddha was tough man...even though they were just 2 pics and the Ed the hunter was again a toughie..even though it could have been thought off simply because it goes along with Maiden. The other toughie was the Indian cricketers in World Cup..even though Pranav thought it was easy. Ashes and Adams should have been cracked by someone like Apurva or any other Hitchhiker's/cricket addict.

    Looking forward to Quiz 5 by Varun and oh yeah..think Swapnil can let our team off the hook this time....don't think our team did too many things to upset anyone cept for the Bond Q where we deserved 2 points.

  3. Really liked the quiz, since it had a good mix of audio / connects / interesting fundae. Way to go!