Friday, February 20, 2009

The Council of the Wise

Far away in a land beyond time, beyond the seas, a young adept approached his master. "Tell me O Wise One, how do I attain the knowledge? How do I gain salvation? What path do I tread?" 

The master in all his wisdom picked up his staff and pointed towards the horizon. "Far beyond those hills, there exist a band of elders, philosophers, masters. Every seven days they gather at sunset and partake in the most terrible ritual. They ask of each other questions even the wisest seldom can answer, they in their infinite erudition gather meaning out of the seemingly random connections that exist between everything on this good land. Go young adept, seek this august gathering, beg for entry, partake in their ceremony, and you might see the light."

Where  : Far beyond those hills. 
When   : When the last rays of the dying sun pierce the clouds.  
Why     : To attain quizzing salvation.

P.S : 1800, W5409/W5302
P.P.S: I should really sleep now.
P.P.P.S: The quiz is turning out to be literature heavy, read as many books and come.
P.P.P.P.S: OMG! It's only half done!


  1. Haha. Well said. I enjoyed reading the post, and am sure the quiz will be even more enjoyable ;)

  2. I am reading Ashok Bankers's Ramayan right now...Any questions from there :)