Monday, March 2, 2009

Quiz 7 report -- chawannis, athannis and barahannas

The first co-organized quiz of the season saw Gaurav and Harsha come up with a very contrasting set of questions: a good mix of some highly esoteric ones followed by the much enjoyed populist questions -- everyone had something that they like :-) Considering that both of them were making their debut as a QM, they withstood an unruly and bullyish mob yelling "some points, please". They also repeated the answer to every question, an important quality which is often overlooked by many QMs. The only inconsistency stemmed from their decisions to award partial points (on "connects"). For instance, Pranav's team were a bit unlucky to not get enough points for the "social networking connect", but they were lucky to get points for "tom, dick and harry" connect (without connecting it to anything). Considering the geeky background of the QMs, they often awarded "quarter" and "three-quarters" of a point to partially answered connects; we will soon have fractions like 'Pi' and 'e' :-)

The quiz had many well-researched questions (such as, the Google map of "Pakistan's Siachen training camp", Mendeleev's dissertation, Denver's beer consumption, the impossible "228" connect) and one completely outlandish answer to the last question about a visual that depicted the age of consent across the planet ;-)

Quiz teams (and standings):

Apurva/Deepak/Swapnil (first place)
Keshav/Satya/Vinay/Vivek (second place)
Aditya/Ravi/Shantanu/Varun/ (third place)

Updated league standings are available at:

PS. The title of the blog consists of three Hindi words which mean "quarter" of a rupee, "half" a rupee and "three quarters" of a rupee, respectively.

PPS. Next week's quiz by Keshav.


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  2. I seriously enjoyed the quiz ( in first part I was disappointed as luck was against us but in second part it was with us)
    Great Job with Questions :)
    Also the outlandish answer was from Tommy alone. Neither Deepak nor me had anything to do with it. Its good to be clear :)
    I also resent the fact that dictator Tommy did not take the title I suggested "One and half" Men. (Considering the number of 1.5 marks they gave)
    All hail Herr Tommy, the Dark Lord of the IGSA Dance


    I am also posting a Connect
    There are 5 pics (Not the LIT Pic) in the following album. Connect them

    Adios Amigos

  3. yes, "one and half men" was a double edged sword -- and, I don't want to destroy my political career by endorsing that title ;-)

  4. i believe Pakistan's Siachen was "China's Aksai Chin"