Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quiz 7 - Saturday Feb 28th @ 2.45pm in Wean 5409 (or 5310)

Quiz 7 of Season 1 ...

By -- Gaurav and Harsha
At -- 2.45pm
In -- Wean Hall 5409 (or 5310) on CMU campus

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Upcoming Quizzes

Have we reached any consensus on when the next quiz is? I dont think we should have one around the IGSA holi event, its a pretty hectic weekend anyway...and then theres spring break..we could have the drinking game styled quiz then :)
I have a half quiz ready,I should be able to do it anytime we have the next quiz...
somehow the posts to keshav's last post were disabled so i started this new one..

Quiz 6 report

Varun conducted this week's quiz for a "record" attendance of seven teams. It started off with a quick written round on art parodies (something that was lacking in prior quizzes). The quiz had a good share of entertainment and literature questions including the paintings parodied in Asterix, connect on Shelley family's work and the town in 100 years of solitude (great answer by Harsha's team). Half the teams were separated by one point for most part of the quiz after which Murali and co. took the lead to win the quiz. There was fiercely fought tie for a second place -- it took 4 sudden death questions for Aditya and co. to break Keshav's winning spree.
The quiz had a good mix of real sitters (like defenestration and a long connect on music genres) and awesome toughies (like "named" Economist columns and park-avenue treaty).
With about 70% of the questions answered, this was by far the most uncontroversial quiz of the season (as evident from the length of this blogpost :-))

Quiz teams (and standings):

Murali/Pranav/Satya/Suyash (first place)
Aditya/Emil/Nishtha/Swapnil (second place)
Ayan/Keshav/Vikram (third place)

League standings updated at:

Next week: Gaurav and Harsha will co-organize the 7th quiz of the season.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quiz Ready


I guess Gaurav and Harsha are organizing the next quiz on Feb 27th. I have one ready (in case of any problem) or otherwise next week - march 6th, if everyone's game for that (Holi's on that day), otherwise 13th.


Friday, February 20, 2009

The Council of the Wise

Far away in a land beyond time, beyond the seas, a young adept approached his master. "Tell me O Wise One, how do I attain the knowledge? How do I gain salvation? What path do I tread?" 

The master in all his wisdom picked up his staff and pointed towards the horizon. "Far beyond those hills, there exist a band of elders, philosophers, masters. Every seven days they gather at sunset and partake in the most terrible ritual. They ask of each other questions even the wisest seldom can answer, they in their infinite erudition gather meaning out of the seemingly random connections that exist between everything on this good land. Go young adept, seek this august gathering, beg for entry, partake in their ceremony, and you might see the light."

Where  : Far beyond those hills. 
When   : When the last rays of the dying sun pierce the clouds.  
Why     : To attain quizzing salvation.

P.S : 1800, W5409/W5302
P.P.S: I should really sleep now.
P.P.P.S: The quiz is turning out to be literature heavy, read as many books and come.
P.P.P.P.S: OMG! It's only half done!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quiz 6 - Friday Feb 20th @ 6pm in Wean 5409 (or 5302)

Quiz 6 of Season 1 ...

By -- Varun
At -- 6pm
In -- Wean Hall 5409 (or 5302) on CMU campus

Friday, February 13, 2009

Quiz 5 report -- balls, bats, beers and blunders

77 runs in an over, lots of beer and the unheralded players of Indian world cup cricket teams -- Pranav's quiz made for the lack of good old cricket questions over the last of couple weeks. But of course, where there is sport, there is controversy -- dubious decisions, questionable umpiring and sledging were all a part of the game :-)

The quiz started with a cool "handout" question before the standard IRs and long connects; overall about 3/4th of questions were answered. Teams had some great answers to many well-researched questions -- Suyash's correct answer that was phrased "if we don't have anything meaningful to guess, then I will take a bizzare guess that the answer is Eric Cantona"; Apurva's know-how of beer cans consumed on flights, Nishtha's info about "groupie" sleeping, Harsha's lady godiva answer that was completed by the next team and the winning teams answer where all members gave three different answers about a (pseudo-)scientific theory (and the QM heard the right one to give them points ;-)). Keshav got some good help, both from his teammates (Gaurav/Srinivas/Varun) and from an umpiring gaffe, to continue his winning spree. Apurva/Ayshwarya/Swapnil finished second by an improbable margin of one-fourth of a question. And the third-place tie went in favor of Murali/Pradipta/Suyash.

The only dubious "umpiring" decision was when the QM refused to scrap a question due to an inadvertent error. The unwritten laws of quizzing clearly state that a question stands scrapped -- complete scrap, no questions asked -- if the QM blunders that question. Most people (except the team that benefited from the gaffe) rightfully called for scrapping it, the QM did hint at doing so and then he changed his mind ... But another unwritten law of quizzing states, the QM's decision is the final decision ... however questionable that decision might be :-)
Where there's sport, there's controversy!

Quiz teams (and standings) --

Harsha/Nishtha/Shantanu + 1
Apurva/Ayshwarya/Swapnil (second place)
Murali/Pradipta/Suyash (third place)
Gaurav/Keshav/Srinivas/VarunAg (first place)

Latest league standing are up at:

Next week: Varun will bring 36 questions of which only 15 to 21 will be answered. That's all he needs to become the first one to get the bonus QM points, simple :-)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quiz 5 - Friday Feb 13th @ 5.30pm in Wean 5403 (or 5409)

Quiz 5 of Season 1 ...

By -- Pranav
At -- 5.30pm (**early start**)
In -- Wean Hall 5403 or 5409 (CMU campus)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quiz 4 Report -- "T20 of the season"

Yet another high scoring quiz -- ~90% answering rate. It felt like a cricket twenty-twenty match: every question was being slogged out of the field; in fact, it took about 10-12 questions (one-third of the quiz) before a question went unanswered. Lots of Wikipedia-ing (time to make it verb in the quizzing wold); cut-paste made the questions so long that the QM didn't see the answer embedded in one question. The "ipod" long connect was a good one -- perhaps, the first audio question of the season? Overall, a fun quiz setup by Vyas in a one week notice -- most people said that the room was packed, noisy and too many people were in an "excited state"!

Quiz Teams (and standings):

Ayan/Harsha/Nishtha +1: It was dark, noisy and this team was too far to hear anything they were saying. Plus, team members were coming and leaving during the quiz, which made it harder to notice what they were up to.

Apurva/Pranay/Vinay: Came up with a great answer to a great question (chinese food container) but then they went with some other guess. And of course, they were merrily sledging few other teams for fun and profit :-)

Deepak/Suyash/Varun (third place): Robbed of a fair shot to finish second, but they win the "good samaritan award" for spotting the answer in their own direct question (berserk) that many did not observe. Gave correct, but insufficient answers (the guy who bends spoons whose name they forgot) that didn't fetch any points :-|

Ayshwarya/Ankit +2: Neat trivia answers from this team (like the all the names in the Crick-Watson question, and one more that i forgot).

Keshav/Murali/Pranjal (first place): Considering the high answer rate, they often got lucky with a bunch of sitters. And they did a psych profile on the QM (using their know-how of QMs likes/dislikes) to answer a few ;-). Keshav gets his third consecutive win to start the season.

Hetu/Srinivas/Swapnil +2 (second place): Surprisingly this team finished second -- got lucky with the on-demand tie-breaking rule. They had no clue about some sitters (like Simpsons) and some team members had to be convinced that the female in the picture is Angelina Jolie!

League standings are up at

Next week: Pranav's quiz. The rate at which we are going, I won't be shocked to see a 90% or more answering rate. Some folks think that high answering rate deteriorates the quiz to who gets lucky with easy questions (and team positions). Of course, some folks like the Twenty-Twenty format. With that, I open the floor for bricks and bats :-)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quiz 4 - Friday Feb 6th @ 6.15pm in Wean 5403

Quiz 4 of Season 1 ...

By -- Vyas
At -- 6.15pm
In -- Wean Hall 5403 (CMU campus)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Saving all quizzes

Hey all

I am not sure what's the best way to do this, but can we start saving all ppts made every week so that we create some kind of repository of all questions made...I mean we've had at least 6-7 excellent quizzes now and it would be great to have access to the questions. It would also help to avoid repetition of questions which will happen soon. If anyone is opposed to the idea we can shelve it, but otherwise felt it made sense to have access to all questions...anyone else think so?