Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quiz 6 report

Varun conducted this week's quiz for a "record" attendance of seven teams. It started off with a quick written round on art parodies (something that was lacking in prior quizzes). The quiz had a good share of entertainment and literature questions including the paintings parodied in Asterix, connect on Shelley family's work and the town in 100 years of solitude (great answer by Harsha's team). Half the teams were separated by one point for most part of the quiz after which Murali and co. took the lead to win the quiz. There was fiercely fought tie for a second place -- it took 4 sudden death questions for Aditya and co. to break Keshav's winning spree.
The quiz had a good mix of real sitters (like defenestration and a long connect on music genres) and awesome toughies (like "named" Economist columns and park-avenue treaty).
With about 70% of the questions answered, this was by far the most uncontroversial quiz of the season (as evident from the length of this blogpost :-))

Quiz teams (and standings):

Murali/Pranav/Satya/Suyash (first place)
Aditya/Emil/Nishtha/Swapnil (second place)
Ayan/Keshav/Vikram (third place)

League standings updated at:

Next week: Gaurav and Harsha will co-organize the 7th quiz of the season.

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  1. It was a great quiz and I think Varun handled it brilliantly to avoid any controversy. Hi style of asking all teams for answers and then declaring points made sure that everything was fair and that know team could benefit because of something said earlier...everyone was in the dark unless a perfect answer was given....still smarting over the Asterix mishap, but that's what quizzing's all about.