Sunday, May 10, 2009

Season One -- An Epilogue

A long, successful season -- with 17 weeks of quizzing -- came to an end on the wee hours of Friday night (or Saturday early morning, if you wish :-). Here are some of my thoughts on the first season.

I think we will continue to have another great season next semester. We had a very enthusiastic turn-out -- almost all quizzes had six teams with atleast 3-4 people each -- which is a really impressive turnout for a quiz club in grad school! A lot of people made their debuts as a quiz master, by setting either a half-quiz or a full-quiz. But that number can easily increase, perhaps by having a bigger season with more people doing a full-quiz :-)

And, at the risk of sounding like an (IGSA?) propaganda minister, the numbers above are only half of the number of people who showed up for atleast a couple of quizzes. Seems like there are lot of enthusiasts out there who find it hard to come on a regular basis. If you know why, please comment and let's do something about it.

In general, please comment on anything to make this more fun, like more novel and quirky formats (yes, you all know my fetish for rather complex, convulated creations), more theme-based quizzes (or not), more food/drinks (with a way to procure them :-)) or anything else.

And for those who care, the final season standings are available at

The top ten finishers, based on the sum of best 13 (of 17) scores, are Swapnil (103 pts), Keshav (89 pts), Vyas (70 pts), Varun and Nishtha (58 pts), Deepak (58 pts), Gaurav (57 pts), Apurva (56 pts), Pranav and Suyash(55 pts).

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Quiz report - a "three-in-one" report

The last three quizzes of the season were organized by Ayan, Chirantan, Srinivas and Siddharth.
And collectively all three quizzes had a great contrast of questions -- Chirantan's questions leaned more on the business and politics side, Ayan did a short sports quiz (which was trimmed down to suit the everyone, especially the sports non-enthusiasts), Srinivas's pot-pourri quiz seems to have started a new trend (that targeted teams -- or, one particular team ;-) -- that deny clues) and Siddharth's season-ender had a good set of arts and architecture questions, which were clearly missing from most quizzes.

Quiz 15 Teams (and standings)

Suyash, Swapnil, Vikram (second place)
Pranav, Srinivas, Vinay
Keshav, Pranjal, Ravi
Nishtha, Samir, Vyas (first place)
Apurva, Ayshwarya, Gaurav
Deepak, Satya, VarunAg (third place)

Quiz 16 teams (and standings)

Gaurav, Swapnil, VarunAg, VarunG (second place)
Aranya, Pranav, Satya, Utsav
Amar, Deepak, Keshav, Rohan (third place)
Ayshwarya, Pranjal, Siddharth, Vyas
Apurva, Kannan, Varun + 1 (first place)
Nishtha, Ravi, Suyash, Vinay

Quiz 17 Teams (and standings):

Apurva, Nishtha, Vikram (third place)
Samir, Srinivas, Vyas
Pranjal, Varun, Vinay
Deepak, Gaurav, Suyash
Keshav, Satya, Varsha (second place)
Pranav, Swapnil, VarunG (first place)

League standings are up at:

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Season Finale - Friday May 8th @ 6.00pm in Wean 5409

Quiz 17 of Season 1 ...

By -- Siddharth
At -- 6pm 9pm
In -- Wean Hall 5409 on CMU campus