Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quiz 2 -- report

Kudos for a voluminous quiz! There was no dearth of questions in Keshav's quiz -- 42 questions (no DNA funda) excluding tie-breakers, which were a good thing to have until the last question. The last question -- a long connect on Slumdog Millionaire -- broke the tie for the second and third place. Overall, (a whopping?) three-fourths 70% of the questions were answered. In hindsight, that was not such a big surprise because of the QMs addiction to "new-age" fiction such as comics, TV, films :-)

Quiz Teams (and standings):

Srinivas/Swapnil/Varun (second place): Last long connect them got them a second place. Other than "tom" "katie" and "scientology", they didn't have preposterous answers :-)

Apurva/Shantanu/VarunA: A vociferous team which took a while to get off the blocks and were unlucky to lose a bunch of sitters due to rookie "answer blurting" and team positioning.

Ayan/Deepak/VarunG (and one more):

Gaurav/Harsha/Murali (third place): This week's top seed got them off to a blazing start, they were leading for almost two-thirds of the quiz, but a middle order collapse let other teams catch up with them.

Ayshwarya/Pranav/Vyas (and one more) (first place): Converted a slow start with some steady answers -- got lucky with a QM's favorite +4 question. But it didn't matter in the end, some good answers ("rolling stones gather moss" and "Augusta masters") and last-minute guesses (music questions) saw them through.

Nishtha/Pranjal/Vinay/Vikram: Gave some nice guesses, but were incorrect. Nice answer to the "tipu sultan" question -- they just went ballistic in answering that rocket question, ironic huh :-)

League Standings (after Quiz 2) are now in a Google spreadsheet at

Next week, Gaurav and Harsha are co-organizing the quiz.

Ps. Loved the "CCA" question, brilliant find, Keshav!

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  1. Hey not to seem picky but i checked..29 qs out of 42 were that makes the % closer to 70 than 75....still no bonus pt but at least that looks better