Monday, January 26, 2009

Friday Quiz

Quiz by Apurva

Friday 30th Jan

6 pm Wean Hall 5403

The countdown begins...

Here is a pre Q1

X is manufactured by Schuberth. It was tested by an Army Tank. It has a country’s flag on the back side of it. On the top of X, there was a blue circle with asteroids, but in 2002 it was replaced by a red patch. It cost around 15 thousand Euros. On a special day it had around ninety special word groups written on it. It was made up of special carbon fiber.

Pre Q2

Ioannis Anastasakis July 24, 1933 has been a regular cast member of the soap opera “Days of our Lives” since 1985 as Victor Kiriakis. He has also made guest appearances on The Gilmore Girls and in “My big fat greek wedding”
Joey Tribbiani is a fictional character who plays Dr. Drake Reymore on “Days of our Lives”.
Connect them with another connection.



Dont google plz. :)


  1. "black and gold" poster in a font that doesn't resemble the hard-hitting steelers football (d-fence) .... :-|

  2. i know Q 2...!!ionannis is jennifer aniston's dad...i remember her dad being greek, and that sounds like a typically greek name :)ioannis is the greek for john i believe(just like yohan and ivan :)

  3. I think Q1 is Michael Schumacher's helmet?

  4. Q1 is Schumacher's helmet...
    Q2 connection is Jen Aniston's dad is Victor on the show

  5. Quick replies!!! :)
    Jennifer Aniston's real name is Anastasakis.
    Q1 Is Michael Schumaker's helmet and on his last race he had all the names of his victories on it (91)

  6. "oh right, i knew it that was the answer ..."