Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008: Season Zero

Season Zero of the quiz club was fun -- we had good participation and lot of people volunteered to get questions.

One thing that we learnt from Season Zero was that the teams were often skewed, i.e. teams were formed based on "who knows whom" and that resulted in a power-law distribution of scores. To avoid this and ensure randomized team formation, we should have semester-long "league" system.

Season 1 (Spring 2009) of the quiz club should have a better structure to form balanced teams every week. In the next few posts, I will elaborate on the "league" system that we can kick start soon!


  1. Rules/too much competition makes stuff less fun. Vyas already almost killed me for answering one wrong - if I did the same in a league he'd be out buying Voodoo dolls or something

  2. Definitely looking forward to the league system....Not only will it spice up the competition, it would let me sell some voodoo dolls I have for disgruntled team-mates :)

  3. i dont think the league thing will be too competetive..it will be a good way to mix the teams up too..