Saturday, January 31, 2009

Funniest answer during the quiz

my favourite..which band formed during the 90's debuted with an album cover featuring Malcom Brownes photo of a budhist monk burning himself alive in saigon?
ans: err...oh yeah 'the BEATLES!!'


  1. I resent the implication that questions to team 6 were answered without reading the slides...just so happens that the ones on Olive Oyl (Shut up ye Bilge Rat) and Oz (Oscar Zoratser....) etc were really well known to me having seen them in previous quizzes during my undergrad years...hence a quick look at 2-3 words was enough to answer them. Also, in hindsight though it was unfair to have scrapped the hobbit question, it was the QM who proposed the idea first and we just nudged after that (who wouldn't when the points gap was so close?), but all in all a good quiz (long con was fine...anyone who didn't get it messed up..especially since the last pic was a magnet) and thought the QM was at his entertaining best.

  2. Totally agree with Keshav here. Well there is a course in CMU where they do tell u abt wife beating and 'rule of thumb'[dont ask me which course -:)] and I guess I am one of the last few users of lycos mail (where they do mention CMU in ultra fine print). So getting a few of those was a really lucky break but also added to the 'collusion theory'. Though I felt the 'Swimming English Channel' answer would have put that to rest forever :)
    Overall a very nice quiz put up by the QM and Team 6's heart goes out to team 1, but as keshav might have said , "only in hindsight" -:D