Friday, January 16, 2009

Quiz 1 -- Report

First quiz of the season had both easy questions and creative answers. 70% of the questions were answered, so the QM doesn't get any bonus points -- given the QM's reputation for hard quizzes, I am sure he wouldn't mind this one ;-) In fact, no one dominated, the teams were only 1-2 right answers apart! 

Quiz Teams (and standings):

Gaurav/Murali/Vyas -- Diatribes, hyperbolic false claims and a team controlled by a tyrant, who gets points for the biggest flop answer of the quiz -- Google searches ;-)

Harsha/Keshav/Pranav (first) -- Handled the "pressure" well to move into a lead towards the end. Got lucky with a few easy ones that they hit out of the park.

Deepak/Shantanu/Varun (second) -- Saved by the round reversals; they got couple of key answers that let them inch ahead until the last few questions. 

Apurva/Ayan/Ayshwarya -- Only team to take a shot at the long connect, which probably cost them a top-three finish. Kudos for that, but then you should stop harassing the QM :)

Nishtha/Pranjal/Satya (third) -- Last minute heroics got them a top three finish. I liked the last answer when they started the Deep Throat connect into some crazy carnal stuff -- awesome :D

League Standings (after Quiz 1):
#1 -- Harsha, Keshav, Pranav (10 pts)

#2 -- Deepak, Shantanu, Varun (7 pts)

#3 -- Nishtha, Pranjal, Satya (4 pts)

#4 -- Swapnil (2 pts)

#5 -- Apurva, Ayan, Ayshwarya, Gaurav, Murali, Vyas (1 pt)

We will meet again next week for Keshav's full quiz. 


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  4. This is pretty funny too:


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  6. Haha. This list is awesome! My favorites: #1, #11, #19, #23, #34 and #37