Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meeting Day/Time for Spring 2009

Last semester, we met on Friday evenings. Unfortunately, almost all our meetings were held at the same time as other events on campus like the AB films and IGSA events. And, I think that will always be the case ...

What is the best time to meet in Spring 2009?
- Sunday afternoon (2pm onwards)
- Friday evenings (6.30pm onwards)
- or, any other time

Please comment if you have any strong timing contraints.


  1. I prefer Friday evenings (6:30 pm onwards)...Let's keep Sunday as truly a Sunday, don't want to visit the campus on Sunday.

  2. I agree with Tommy that we've been clashing too often with IGSA & other campus events. So would prefer to meet some time other than Friday evening.

  3. I can probably only do Friday evenings as well.
    Coming to school just to quiz probably a) won't happen b) add to the guilt

  4. Friday is good for me too!! weeeknd too lethargic to come only for quiz!!