Saturday, January 31, 2009

February Quiz Schedule

The line-up for next month ...

Feb 6th: Vyas
Feb 13th: no quiz (by popular demand, i think??)
Feb 20th: Varun
Feb 27th: Gaurav and Harsha

Folks, volunteer for March (or you will be drafted :-))


  1. do we need to space out the quizzes more? i dont mind ,i'l come every week anyway, but i was wondering if we would be able to sustain it the rest of the semester...or maybe the end of the sem its going to tail off anyway...

  2. looks like Tommy is too angry to post review on my quiz :P

  3. I'll take the first slot in march (Hopefully one that does'nt coincide with spring break). Also if every week 10-15 people can make it then we definitely should have it every Friday. Feb 13th included.

  4. Jackal, the long-awaited review is up :-)