Monday, March 9, 2009

Quiz 8 report -- midnight (mega) madness

At last, Keshav rolled out his "mega" quiz; and despite the midnight kick-off, there was no dearth of enthusiasts, both to participate and to cheer the QM. To read more about the quiz -- the QMs perspective -- follow the previous entry at

Quiz teams (and standings):

Ankit/Gaurav/Harsha/Swapnil (first place)
Aranya/Varun/Vinay +2 (third place)
Murali/Satya +2 (second place)

Updated league standings are available at

No quiz this week (unless there is yet-another-email-deluge :-)); next meeting on March 20th for Nishtha and Pranjal's quiz.


  1. With all the attention on Keshav, Tommy is closing in on the lead.. I herby accuse him of abusing his team making powers - and not in any way that I would approve of.

  2. Yeah Tommy will go ahead by at least 3-6 points next time..but that's OK..the challenge will be for the rest of us to take him down. As for teams...yeah I could use a nice team next time..I request for the services of Vyas and Apurva since I have never been in the same team as them for all the quizzes in season 1


  3. For that matter I do not mind joining forces with the controversial tommy :) And Varun is the other person I have not had the pleasure of quizzing with :)

    If only wishes were horses....