Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quiz 9 report - groups of geeks guessing about gadgets, games and gump

This week's quiz was co-organized by Murali and Apurva, but the questions were made separately, without any synchronization. The first half had a strong "geeky" appeal, with quesions about "games" (sudoku, pacman, Jeopardy) and "gadgets" (VCR, cars, planes, browsers); the second half had fair number of questions on "groups" of people (like award winners, the vague "popular Twitter users", Madoff victims, most ducks in cricket).

The quiz was very entertaining and high-scoring; more than 75% answer rate because the QMs wanted teams to work out answers. However, it seemed that the working out part made some of questions look like auctions, i.e. teams start "guessing" on the right track, until someone eventually gets it right after all choices are exhausted. The second half of the quiz was raucous; on more than one occasion the (patient) QM had to explain questions 3-4 times. Perhaps, too much excitement (when teams yell "yes, I know it" and start sledging) or may be the questions were really hard to understand (which was not the case, in my opinion)??

On the lighter side, the QMs suppressed creative-but-preposterous answers to connects and had a very useful "introduction to pictionary connects" for a naive participant :-)

Quiz teams (and standings)

Pranjal/Suyash/Swapnil (second place)
Keshav/Nishtha/VarunAg (first place)
Harsha/Ravi/Satya (third place)

League standings will be UPDATED SOON at

Next week we have another "half-n-half" quiz by Nishtha and Pranjal.


  1. Brilliant sets of questions by both Apurva and Murali. My compliments to both chefs for cooking up what they did.Most questions were workable and left some clue in them, which was very sporting on the QMs part and made the quiz really entertaining. The best example being the world map weighted by which should have been figured out.

    Apurva developed what Varun called the "walk away" which alerted us to the fact that we were totally wrong for some answers.

    Look forward to quiz 10..and since I'm quite a superstitious chap and like to stick to something that works...I request that Varun Agarwal be in the same team as me...the guy had some really good answers (like the Stethoscope points etc) until I decided they were too obvious and complicated them by saying points at which Kennedy was shot etc. Of course, the third and fourth team members will be crucial so for that it will be great if Deepak,Apurva or Suyash (preferably 2 of them) can be in the same team as I haven't quizzed with them and I think they are the last ones left to complete all combos.

  2. Connect (couldn't put this in the real quiz :)

    Adolf Hitler (?)
    Arnold Shwarzenegger
    Hansie Cronje
    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Lance Armstrong

  3. I tried to figure out the answer...but its more of a factual question and I would have never thought of I resorted to googling it and I see now why Murali didn't ask it during the quiz....


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  5. But it is an _awesome_ fact :). And requires a horrible mind to put together as a connect. Tommy will appreciate it since it isn't a pictionary type. Oh yeah, and I wanted to include this as my token cricket question..