Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quiz 11 report

This week's quiz, conducted by Shantanu, was another high scoring affair. There were questions on some new topics such as erotica, feminism, and political controversies. It was great to see a quiz that had very succinct and not-so-convulated questions; for instance, einstein's last words, 3-time winner of Nobel prizes and monica lewinsky's much-maligned blue dress were nice short questions that didn't force the participants to read N paragraphs of Wikipedia text -- that was really comfortable! However, such questions were fairly dry in the sense that you had to "guess" the answer and it was hard to actually work out the answer. Questions like these (example, Godfather's auditions and oldest cities, after the clue) boil down to who gets lucky with the right guess (and then your position in the quiz). Overall, the questions were well-researched and some of them got long, diatribes that were far from the real answer :-)

Teams (and standings):

Murali/Suyash +1
Keshav/Nishtha/Siddharth (third place)
Deepak/Gaurav/Vyas (first place)
Apurva/Pranav/Pranjal (second place)

League standings are up at

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