Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quiz 8 Stats

Stats are as follows

Overall 23 Questions went unanswered out of the 56 (including the long connects) making the percentage of answered questions - 58.93%. Just enough to secure the bonus point (which Swapnil has been good enough to award me).

Total points secured by all teams was 67 (including 3 for 3 teams getting 1 pt each the first long connect) or 64 if the connects are neglected. So 64 out of a possible 108 again gives 59.26. Intentionally leaving out key facts from all questions paid off I guess, otherwise most would have been knocked out of the park.

Best answers of the quiz (in my opinion)

2)Swapnil's team had some great answers (obviously since they won) - best among them SARS, Fevicol,The Abandoned WI-Eng Test, Touchpad and endianness

2)Though the couldn't nail down the full connect (which was doozie) I thought Varun's team getting on to the Bodyline angle in that Bradman connect was top notch and one of the best answers in the quiz since it is really difficult to see Hugo Weaving and jump to Bodyline instead of going for Matrix, LOTR, V for Vendetta etc. Their Trainspotting, Lonely Planet and Foot in the Mouth Prize answers were well worked too.

3)Murali and Satya's team answered some nice ones such as Reverse the Curse, Here be dragons,Terminator and Skynet and 20 Questions and were clinical in that all answers were complete and seldom left anything to do for the quiz master except award them the 2 points and move on to the next question.

4)Apurva's team were unlucky in that they had some good answers but their ideas were used by other teams to get some points. They got on to Yoda which was an awesome answer and the also figured that the question on the abandoned test pertained to cricket which was difficult and their idea was used by Swapnil's team to get the eventual answer. But the best answer was Super Mario which was the fastest answers to a connect in season 1, cracker to get that one in under a sec.

Other good answers were Hushpuppies, Rubik's cube and Hail Mary by Srinivas' team, VISA by Pranav's team and abracadabra and J.K.Rowling (I forget who answered that one).

All in all glad the quiz went of nicely, though it might have screwed up some people's beauty sleep and look forward to Swapnil's report and the next quiz in 2 weeks.


PS I have posted both this quiz (quiz 8) and my earlier quiz (quiz 2) as pdfs on the group.


  1. Man, I thought we got some really hard ones - and we are third best answer wise :(. Next time, I'll make sure to pretend and think some more!
    Feed my need for external approval/acclaim.
    And the reason I'm posting this now, is that thanks to the quiz + daylight savings this is when I get up.

  2. Hey no doubt there..I just ranked the teams as per the results...Like I said complete answers from your team were really good but Tommy's team also had some good ones...

    Now the challenge lies in keeping Tommy at bay who will otherwise surely surge into the lead over the next few quizzes

  3. Great quiz man...lots of interesting stuff but I felt the Baker Street question was superb ! Should have got that after seeing 64 there :)

    Hope then next session is as brilliant.