Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quiz 1: Friday Sep 11 @ 6.30pm

By -- Apurva Samudra
At -- 6.30pm on Friday Sep 11, 2009
In -- Wean 5409

Watch out for some entertaining "pictionary", mostly "fun-oriented" trivia, and of course, a customary question on "9/11" :-)

Report (updated on 9/12):

First quiz had a record turn out -- 35 people showed up! I am guessing the quiz-master was the crowd puller, and he set a high bar for the future quiz masters ;-)

Apurva made a 42-question quiz with the usual mix of entertainment, etymology, cricket, bizzare stuff, and a score-boosting round. Although the quiz did not have a "customary" 9-11 question, it did have a question with answers like the "T-word" and bunch of flight mishaps -- alright, I am just making up a connection to the date of quiz :-)

Overall, the quiz was very entertaining (no one walked out ;-)) with a very few unanswered questions. Looking forward to Vyas's quiz on Friday!

Scores/standings: TBA


  1. damn i want in :) apurva add the quiz on google docs and share it :)

  2. if you could donate us a flat panel TV with some videoCon gear, i promise you a live feed of every quiz :-)

  3. gooood times...the quiz was so much fun! and my teamates were hyster-ical :)