Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quiz 2: Friday Sep 18 @ 6.15pm

By -- Vyas Sekar
At -- 6.15pm on Friday Sep 18, 2009
In -- Wean 5409

Watch out for long excerpts (Ctrl-C Ctrl-V) from Wikipedia, Biblical myth, and some geekdom trivia. (Brush up on XKCD and Seinfeld, but don't even bother about Bollywood film/music ;-))

Report (Updated on 9/22):

Vyas conducted the second quiz of the season. And keeping with his tradition, he opened the quiz by (accidentally?) giving out the answer to a question. The quiz had a bit of medical bias (not surprising given the upcoming House season premiere, I guess ;-)) camouflaged as etymology and visuals.

The quiz had a high answer rate, with most questions being answered in one or two tries. The post wouldn't be complete without mentioning that the final scores had a very uniform looking "Bell curve", which is no surprise given the quiz master's fetish for statistics :-)

Scores/standings: TBA (really soon)


  1. for the record:

    0. there were no cut-paste errors :-)
    1. 34 out of 42 questions were answered (keeping in line with the purported statistical fetish). i report statistics; i leave the judgement of high or low answer rate open to interpretation.
    2. there were no xkcd questions.
    3. there was a seinfeld question with a biblical twist!
    4. and despite my best attempts to give the answer for Q1 and two teams explicitly seeing "wonton foods" in the "hidden" slide, that question went unanswered :-)
    5. the bell curve was completely unintentional, contrary to popular opinion ...

  2. Nice quiz..as for the first question, its just plain sad that no one could answer it even after seeing part of the answer. What with Swapnil profiling all quiz masters, its likely everyone will just make questions on the subjects he suggests.

  3. Well, it will be interesting to see how "profiling" helps -- perhaps, as a hint or as a red herring ;-)