Monday, August 3, 2009

Quiz Club 2.0

Announcing the second season …

Date: Friday, September 11
Time/Place: TBD

Please volunteer to conduct quizzes (calender on the right side), and consider doing a full/half quiz.

Feel free to spread the word among the new/incoming students. Looking forward to another great season.

ps. Post comments on any new things that we should try, anything that should not be repeated from the last season, or other general feedback!


  1. You can sign me up to do a half quiz sometime.

  2. just for fun we i want to have a poll (anonymous) on the most fun teamate the people's champion :) can vote as many times for your fav..if i ever figure out how to do something that technically sophisticated i will ..

  3. I can do a half quiz on Oct 9.

  4. Is there anyway the presenter can share the powerpoint while presenting ? I know adobe connect had a way of sharing the ppt amongst other remote users.