Saturday, April 18, 2009

Quiz 14 report -- the new "Darwin Answer" award

Pradipta came out of his (Jordan-esque?) retirement to conduct the 14th quiz of the season. It was long affair of 50 questions that had no bells and whistles, such as long connects and theme questions. QM did a good job of keeping the questions short and simple that helped keep up a good quizzing pace. Of course, there was an occasional "give me the funda" question, and the QM encouraged preposterous "fundas" for these questions by instituting the "Darwin Answer" award for the most ludicrous funda. Team 1, Team 2 and Team 5 all had a notorious history of coming up with such answers and they put on a great fight for the coveted award, but the game was all over when Team 2's VarunAg hit an home run with a serious-but-ridiculous answer that turned the last French WW-II veteran into an Indian citizen rooted in the bowels of Madhya Pradesh :-) To sum up, the QM, under the influence of Scottish beverages, had nice and easy questions that kept the quiz a very close affair, with no clear winners until the last question.

Teams (and standings):

Ayan, Nishtha, Samir, Vyas (second place)
Ravi, Srinivas, Swapnil, VarunAg (first place)
Chirantan, Keshav, Suyash, Vikram (third place)
Aranya, Gaurav, Pranav, Satya
Apurva, Deepak,Shiva + 2
Siddharth, Utsav, Varun, Vinay

League standings are up at


    Read this properly. I was right.

  2. pretty cool. are you saying that you did not deserve the award and are returning it? :-)

  3. haha .. i dont think the award is in a returnable state, though !