Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quiz 13 -- midnight thinking (like a legend)

Yet another successful, well-attended midnight quiz with five rounds of questions (two regular rounds interleaved between three written rounds).
The quiz was conducted by the legendary Apurva Samudra of the "I need 3 out of the 4 items for any points, i repeat: 3 out of 4 are needed even if you guess the connect properly" fame.
Surprisingly, Apurva made a quiz where the rule of thumb was NOT "think entertainment", but just "think" -- perhaps a first for Apurva, despite his legendary quizzing experience in the foothills of the Himalayas ;)

If I could extend the rule of thumb, I would say it was "think simple". Most questions were simple in the sense that the answer was either the first/obvious guess or the simplest thing that you could workout (trait of a legend!). Unforturtunately, some teams often went down the complicated path, most notably on the Thums-Up and SETI @ home question.
Lots of sledging and begging (for half points) by the participants made for a lively quiz -- yet another mark of a quizzing legend :-)

Teams (and standings):

Ankit, Rohan, Srinivas, Varun (third place)
Deepak, Pranav, Shantanu, Siddharth
Emil, Suyash, Swapnil, Varun (first place)
Harsha, Pranjal, Sameer, Satya
Gaurav, Shiva, VarunAg, Vyas (second place)
Keshav, Nishtha, Rahul, Vinay

Standings are available at:


  1. " legendary quizzing experience in the foothills of the Himalayas ;) " -- please elaborate ...


  3. does anyone have a better answer :-) ?

  4. but you will give veda half points for that, right? :P