Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quiz 12 report

It took dozen quizzes before a QM earned bonus points for a "regular" quiz -- Suyash's debut(?) quiz was just a perfect mix of easy and hard ones. The QM lived up to the pre-game rumors about his expertise -- girls galore -- with questions that impressed the women quizzers (and the men too :-)) The quiz was a pleasant surprise for people who had a bit too much of "tech trivia" over the last few weeks. Many questions had a touch of language and literature. The hard ones were really well-researched questions, which often went unanswered unless a hint was offered by the QM; my favorite one was the "directed graph" of languages depicting the use of the phrases like "it's all greek to me" -- very impressive way to frame an etymology question. While these hard questions were rarely answered without a clue, most teams earned points on the easy direct ones like FulhamFC and units of measurements.
Overall, Suyash did a great job at controlling the quiz -- he managed time at second-level granularity ("you have 25 seconds to answer") and he put a limit on long diatribes ("you can give me a answer in at most 5 words") :-)

Teams (and standings)

Deepak/Emil/Satya/Shreyas (second place)
Ankit/Chirantan/Nishtha/Varun (third place)
Apurva/Kannan/Pranjal/Vyas (first place)

Standings are available at:


  1. Debut is correct. And hopefully next time there will be fewer questions left unanswered. :D


  2. I think the answered-unanswered ratio was pretty okay, unless you want to reach the 100% answering mark :)