Monday, January 25, 2010

No quiz on Friday Jan 29th

We don't have any volunteer to conduct a quiz this week.

One way to have a quiz would be to have N volunteers get 5-6 question each. If you can do that, please reply to this blog entry.

UPDATE: Contributing to the above medley is not the same as conducting a quiz :-)


  1. Didn't you say N (>5) junta are going off to Boston this Friday though?

    Other diversification proposals:

    1. Having literary events (crossword night?)

    2. Scrabble night!

    3. Poker night

  2. What about the N (>15) junta who is still around? :-) We try hard not to cancel quizzes because few members are traveling -- it could turn into a nightmare. Let's avoid it, if possible.

    Scrabble/Poker/MyP-n-MyV and all other games are "off the record".

    Literary events == crossword ... sure, if we have a volunteer.

  3. Actually, only N<=4 junta won't be here. That's true of virtually any week.

  4. +1 for people who can do 5--6 questions. V.