Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quiz 11: Friday Nov 20 @ 6pm

By -- Ravi and Aditya
At -- 6pm on Friday Nov 20, 2009
In -- Wean 5409

Watch out for WWF (the one that does wrestling, not the animal savers), cricket, greek/latin stuff and geek-ish fundas.

1 comment:

  1. ravi in his overeagerness probably gave a few more clues than he needed to: (RPS, fairies, monaco 94 were give aways :-)), but really nice quiz overall. cant quite say why, but it seemed refreshingly different from the usual stuff. nice stuff and probably means we should get more new people to make quizzes :-) (nudge nudge)

    surprised to see the "esd" missing the condom question :-)

    really liked the right/left driving, dvd region, his highness (probably needed some more hints), and stooky bill fundas (probably missing some more here)