Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quiz report - a "three-in-one" report

The last three quizzes of the season were organized by Ayan, Chirantan, Srinivas and Siddharth.
And collectively all three quizzes had a great contrast of questions -- Chirantan's questions leaned more on the business and politics side, Ayan did a short sports quiz (which was trimmed down to suit the everyone, especially the sports non-enthusiasts), Srinivas's pot-pourri quiz seems to have started a new trend (that targeted teams -- or, one particular team ;-) -- that deny clues) and Siddharth's season-ender had a good set of arts and architecture questions, which were clearly missing from most quizzes.

Quiz 15 Teams (and standings)

Suyash, Swapnil, Vikram (second place)
Pranav, Srinivas, Vinay
Keshav, Pranjal, Ravi
Nishtha, Samir, Vyas (first place)
Apurva, Ayshwarya, Gaurav
Deepak, Satya, VarunAg (third place)

Quiz 16 teams (and standings)

Gaurav, Swapnil, VarunAg, VarunG (second place)
Aranya, Pranav, Satya, Utsav
Amar, Deepak, Keshav, Rohan (third place)
Ayshwarya, Pranjal, Siddharth, Vyas
Apurva, Kannan, Varun + 1 (first place)
Nishtha, Ravi, Suyash, Vinay

Quiz 17 Teams (and standings):

Apurva, Nishtha, Vikram (third place)
Samir, Srinivas, Vyas
Pranjal, Varun, Vinay
Deepak, Gaurav, Suyash
Keshav, Satya, Varsha (second place)
Pranav, Swapnil, VarunG (first place)

League standings are up at:

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